Bringing together the elite in sports and entertainment, The Alliance has the negotiating stamina to command premier contracts in the music, television and film industries. Our history in the business complimented by significant relationships offer our clients an inside connection to all venues of the entertainment world.

Behind the power of the entertainment arm of The Alliance, is producer and entrepreneur Eric C. Rhone. A fifteen-year veteran in the business, Eric has single-handedly created market-setting projects for a barrage of superstars in the industry including the management of Cedric “The Entertainer.”

To add music flavor into the powerhouse, Tony Davis brings unmatched entertainment management to the dance with award winning albums from superstars like Nelly and St. Lunatics.


Alliance Entertainment has the ability to place it’s clients in any medium imaginable. We have booked clients on almost every major television show available, ranging from The Best Damn Sports Show, to The Sharon Osbourne Show to The Jay Leno Show. We have booked our clients on national radio shows to promote their next album or to announce their next location for a stand up show. Alliance Entertainment also has an outstanding affiliation with the United Talent Agency. UTA, based in Beverly Hills, is one of California’s leading agencies representing many of the most prominent actors and models in the world. Rest assured that every potential opportunity available will be pursued by Alliance Entertainment. Our experience in booking our clients for shows is unsurpassed.

Alliance Entertainment allows its clients complete control over what shows they wish to do. We provide our clients with the advise that we feel will make their careers more successful and will sustain their longevity, but only pursue activities that a client is comfortable in performing. Due to the high profile our Entertainment clients maintain, we are continuously networking and massaging relationships with companies that may provide an opportunity to a future client of ours.


Since Alliance Entertainment owns and produces the majority of it’s own projects, we have an innate ability to cast our own clients. Alliance Entertainment is continually expanding its’ horizon and will continue to produce new movies and shows that will allow for particular parts to be cast at our discretion. We also have a long standing relationship with outside casting directors to assist you in scheduling and preparing for outside casting calls and readings.


Alliance Entertainment has the staff and resources to assist you in establishing a non-profit 501 C-3 foundation to support a charity of your choice. Although a 501 C-3 entity is one way to provide a service to a community, it is not the only route one has to take. We also recommend to our clients that simply hosting a fundraising event and donating the proceeds to a not for profit charity of their choice is just as effective as forming your own charity.

Cedric “The Entertainer” has his own personal foundation, “Cedric’s Entourage” which aims to broaden the scope of the world for inner city children. Each year the program provides a chaperoned field trip to a group of 10-20 young people ranging in age from 10-16 years old. These young people are taken outside of their communities (often times they are taken outside of their home state) and exposed to cultural & professional experiences.

Superstar rapper Nelly tributes his sister Jackie Donahue by continuing his efforts towards the Jes Us 4 Jackie campaign to bring attention to the need for marrow and blood stem cell donors. The Jes Us 4 Jackie campaign will focus on recruiting more Black and African American donors and donors of mixed heritage. There is an urgent need for these donors because tissue types are inherited, much like hair or eye color, so patients are more likely to find a matching donor within their own racial or ethnic groups. Through the Jes Us 4 Jackie campaign, Nelly hopes to increase the number of donors on the National Marrow Donor Program Registry.


Alliance Entertainment has negotiated high-impact contracts throughout the music, television and film industry. Eric C. Rhone has established market-setting deals in the entertainment industry on projects such as the phenomenally successful “Kings of Comedy Tour” as well as “The Original Kings of Comedy” film. In addition, Cedric “The Entertainer’s” movie deal with MGM is unparalleled. The entertainment industry has never seen such a lucrative arrangement for a comedian as this one is for Cedric.

The Alliance and Tony Davis have been credited with unmatched soundtrack agreements for such artists as Nelly and Murphy Lee, both originally from the group the St. Lunatics. Tony Davis has been able to leverage his relationship with existing companies to further enhance Murphy Lee’s career, simply due to the nature of his pre-existing relationship with these companies. The Alliance has also secured a label deal for its top artist, Nelly. The label, titled Derrty Entertainment, will allow Alliance Entertainment the opportunity to develop and produce its own artists. This will only further enhance the opportunities available to any client that is a member of The Alliance Management Group.


The Alliance Management Group’s marketing department is dedicated to designing a marketing plan for each of our clients to maximize their potential income and to enhance their public image. We develop and implement career strategies and corporate partnerships for some of the industry’s most successful artists and entertainers. The Alliance has integrated global business with popular culture through the development and production of entertainment events, concerts and tours.

Due to the marquee caliber clients represented by The Alliance, we possess tremendous leverage with many of the top national and international advertising companies. The Alliance has negotiated multi-million dollar sponsorship contracts with various corporations such as Anheuser-Busch for Cedric “The Entertainer”, which includes tour sponsorship and television ads for Bud Light that have aired during the Super Bowl and The Academy Awards.

Our talent and resources allow us to offer cross-marketing innovative opportunities between the sports and entertainment industries. This was accomplished with hip-hop superstar Nelly and Nike’s Air Force One Shoes.

The Alliance has devised numerous programs that have enabled clients to benefit from additional revenue sources other than their main talent. By utilizing their name and likeness, The Alliance has been able to produce fan based websites that allow the entertainer become close with their fans. The website can produce a proportionate revenue stream for the entertainer by developing merchandise such as T-shirts and other tour items, as well as capitalizing on the autograph industry and solely providing autographed merchandise available only through their official properties.


The Alliance also has the talent and resources to develop our own innovative projects in the music, film and television industries. STL REAL, a reality show airing on Fox Sports Net, is the first of many Alliance Management Group projects cross-marketing our Sports and Entertainment clients. We created this ambitious programming venture to provide fans with unique access to the private lives of our Grammy-winning artist Nelly, our NFL MVP Running Back Marshall Faulk, and our popular actor/comedian, Cedric “The Entertainer”.

The Alliance is currently working on projects for the future that involve not only it’s clients, but other celebrities as well. Planning has already begun on film projects produced and starred in by Cedric, as well as Pay Per View Concerts hosted by Nelly and Murphy Lee. Through these developments, the possibilities are limitless for future clients who may wish to participate or create these type of projects.


A full service Public Relations communications strategist with extensive experience in marketing, public relations and promotions, Juliette Harris has our clients specific needs in mind. Creating and implementing communications programs for premiere organizations and clients worldwide, is where we specialize. Juliette has twelve years industry experience and develops communication programs which build your image/brand, initiate media coverage and drive action. Our tactical approach to growing understanding and positive response has led to increased sales and action with a bevy of industries including beauty, fashion, entertainment, sports, charity, travel, securities, technology, and pharmaceuticals. We focus on constantly advancing the public image of our clients. We position our clients to be both reflective of popular culture and influential to the public’s consciousness. Some of our diverse clients include Nelly and the St. Lunatics, Jillian Barberie (Good Morning Miami & Fox) Sports, John Salley,

AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys) AJ Johnson (Baby Boy) Lil Zane, Samaki Walker, Dalene Kurtis (playmate of the year) Morris Day, New Edition, Vokal, Tangerine Restaurant, Crusader Entertainment and many more!


Services include:

  • Media Relations
  • Strategy Building and Planning
  • Corporate positioning
  • Image Enhancement
  • Marketing Partnerships/promotions
  • PR kits and materials
  • New Product and Launches
  • Crisis Management/counseling
  • Red Carpet Walk
  • Event Public Relations
  • Sponsorship Packages
  • Industry analysis/surveys
  • Weekly client meetings via phone or email
  • Customized strategy with measurable results

Movies, Films

The Original Kings of Comedy, Big Momma’s House, Johnson Family Vacation, Honeymooners, Flash, Preachin’ Aint Easy

Television Shows

Steve Harvey Show, BET Comic View, STL Real


The Kings of Comedy Tour

Record Label

Derrty Entertainment